Gender Male
Tribe Constrictai

Skalidor is a Serpentine General in Ninjago. He was introduced in 2012.


Skalidor is a member and General of the Constrictai Tribe. He was first seen in the episode Can of Worms, when Zane and Cole were venturing to the Constrictai Tomb to make sure Pythor didn't awaken them, but they were too late. When they got in, they were ambushed by Skalidor, who choked Cole, but Sensei Wu's Sacred Flute managed to get them out safely. His final appearance was in The Stone Army, when Garmadon returned to Ouroborus, and he was easily persuaded to join him.


  • Skalidor is the General of the Serpentine Constrictai Tribe.
  • He is easily persuaded, as seen in The Stone Army, when Garmadon easily gets Skalidor to join him.
  • It is unknown if he lives underground with Skales and the remaining Serpentine.
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