Gender Male
Tribe Hypnobrai

Rattla is a scout in the Hypnobrai Tribe, and was released in 2012.


Rattla is a member of the Hybnobrai Serpentine Tribe, in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He first appeared multiple times in the background of the battles with the Ninja in the first premiere, Rise of The Snakes. In the second premiere, Home, Skales tells him about his new control over Cole. After the Ninja take over the treehouse and destroy it, he attends the battle between Skales and Slithraa, who was the current General. He made one more appearance in that episode, saying "He used Fang-Kwan-Do!" at the end of the battle. He appears in several other episodes (such as at the gathering in "Can of Worms" or on the Serpentine Train). In Ninjaball Run he tries to hypnotize Zane, but then he turns his head all the way around and Rattla says "Oh, that is so gross!".


  • He shares the same head mold as Lasha.
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