The Fangpyre are one of the 5 Serpentine Tribes. They are currently lead by Fangtom.


The Fangpyre have the power to turn anything that they sink their teeth into to Serpentine! This power was largely demonstrated when the bit several of Ed and Edna's creations, turning them into vehicles for the Serpentine.



  • Like all Serpentine now, excluding the Anacondrai, they have turned good, allying with the Ninja every now and then.
  • They were the second tribe to be awoken, being released by Lloyd Garmadon to have revenge on the Hypnobrai for tricking him.
  • Fangtom once bit the metal vehicles in Ed 'N' Edna's Scrap and Junkyard and turned them into Serpentine vehicles, but later on, he bit Jay's metal armour, but it had no effect.
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