The Constrictai are one of the 5 Serpentine Tribes. They are currently lead by Skalidor.


The Venomari have the power to wrap their bodies around their victims and crush them. This grip was thought to be undefeated, but Cole proved this wrong by relaxing, and not fighting against it. A secondary power that the Constrictai have seems to be drilling through the ground with their many spikes.



  • Like all Serpentine now, excluding the Anacondrai, they have turned good, allying with the Ninja every now and then.
  • They were the third or fourth tribe to be awoken, as their release was not on-screen, like the Venomari.
  • Skalidor is shown to use his power of crushing against the Ninja many times, but none of the other Constrictai members have shown this ability.
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